Technical improvements editing

After my formative feedback, David brought it to my attention that I need to get better at the fine details of editing. I showed them this images from my instagram account:

Screenshot 2019-03-16 at 23.05.35.pngWhich David said was underexposed… I don’t necessarily think its too underexposed as it is a black dog which are notoriously hard to photograph however I do agree with him that I could get better at my editing skills to bring out certain parts of images such as the right hand side of the dogs face here

Screenshot 2019-03-16 at 23.10.27.png

Practice on dog photos from the beach which are underexposed:





I have edited the images to practice exposing black dog photos properly. I have achieved these results through upping the overall exposure, upping the highlights and shadows then fine tuning through using the brush tool to bring up the exposure on the fur, eyes, nose and teeth. I am really pleased with my new skills in this and think my images now look a lot more professional.

I have also been editing these images of my dog, editing the colour balance through changing the reds, upping the vibrance and turning the saturation down to get a more natural tone to the image.

Again using increased vibrance and decreased saturation to achieve a less saturated but still colourful look. This is a new technique of mine which I think produces better tones.

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