Photography book layout research and practice

Looking on the website ArchiZines which has a wide selection of different books for me to look through, I have been able to see different photography book layouts and draw inspiration from them. This book above by Flaneur Magazine has a very interesting layout of text and photography. The composition is quite erratic and modern, and for a dog photography book may be too contemporary however I may try and be a bit more experimental with my layout

In contrast to the layout previous, this is much more of a documentary style layout for the book, which initially stands out to me as working better for my book with it being a documentary style. I like the paragraphs being in two columns by the side, I will try these layouts if the book ends up having enough text.

A quick mock up of how I this might work with my photos. I dont think the two images go together however it is a start of how I might lay it out.

A more dynamic or interesting layout for the book would look better than this. It’s quite a simple layout here. I should at least change up the style of each page if going with the more simple documentary style

Also – a square page format might give the images and text more space??

These two are good examples of how I can turn the documentary style into something a bit more interesting by 1) having some pages with just full images and no text 2) Having the text as a different colour other than black

Layering images slightly like on this page here by MVRDV adds more dimensions to the page which could also be a tool I can use for the layouts of my book.

This layering of the two similar images very slightly keeps a nice flow throughout the page which I quite like and draws the two images together. I quite like the negative space in the bottom right hand side of the page which adds a bit of breathing space.

This full bleed image with a white boarder to the side and the full body of text to the left adds a nice balance to the whole page. With this type of image, being quite dramatic and having large areas of black, having just one image is better as to not swamp the whole page with too many images.

I tried using a colour eyedropper from the photos in this layout to achieve the around coloured text seen above. I really how it makes the pages contingent and adds a contemporary feel to a documentary style.

This research conducted on helped inspire me into new ways I can combine my photography and text. The many different book layouts I found have also given me a lot of variety to work with, as I dont want the book to be the same layouts all the way through. This is to keep the audience interested and each page fresh. I have also got some inspiration that I should switch between spread with images and text, to spreads with just images. The spreads with just images should switch between full bleeds to within margins.

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