Celebrating Leeds Marketing

After discussing the opportunity of the exhibition to the girls, I decided that in order to try get as many girls as possible down to the skatepark when the weather is good I would create media for the instagram advertising the date. Instagram is the most seen platform for us, and many girls respond well to it.

Screenshot 2019-02-18 at 21.07.53

A lot of our media put out there by the group members has a back-to-school chick-flick vibe, which I want to keep to:

Screenshot 2019-02-18 at 21.10.01       Screenshot 2019-02-18 at 21.10.44   Screenshot 2019-02-18 at 21.12.25

Screenshot 2019-02-18 at 21.12.47

With the Ian Fitzpatrick illustrator session coming up I think I should use the session to start the media. So far I’m thinking I should make an illustrated camera to be featured in the post. This would be to quickly communicate the fact that there is a photoshoot happening. Due to the fact this is a skateboarding platform, I want the post to be an immediate communication of the fact this will be skating with photography…

This illustrator camera came up in a search on google ‘illustrator camera’ and inspired me further to create an analogue camera, which I think will look more ‘old school’ and fit in further with the aesthetic of RWTG:

illustrator camera


Beginning of the post:

After some time working on it I ended with this illustration for the camera, I didn’t go too far down the detailed illustration route to not use too much time on the post which ultimately doesn’t need to be an incredibly detailed piece of artwork:


After this I needed to create a background for the post which I think due to the aesthetic of the group should follow the purple/pink colour scheme. We use a lot of media from old chick flick movies from late 90’s and early 2000’s, when I think of these I immediately think of crazy patterns such as checkers and animal prints, combined with block pink/purple colours.


legally blondemeangirls

These chick flicks inspired me for the colours I want to incorporate into my background for the post. So far I am envisioning pinks, purples, blues and maybe some black and white patterns.

Pink would probably be too bright to complete the whole thing so I think purple would be best.

Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 15.03.49.png

This is the style I have initially made and actually am very happy with it so will go with it. I think that the colours go well together and create a fun look which works well with he aesthetic of the whole group. Due to my time frame I will leave this as it is and now want to move onto compiling it all together and choosing fonts.

I would quite like a sketchy, hand written font as it suits the ‘back to school’ vibe. Just like on this poster I found  whilst doing some research into school poster designs on Pinterest.


I like the characterful style of the capital block letters which are uneven and not straight. There is also two different fonts from one for the headline and one for the informational text… something I need to think about.

This poster has been quite useful with having a few different fonts on it for me to take some reference from. I don’t like the clean and straight lines found on the less characterful fonts in terms of being on the poster, as I think getting some contrast between the backgrounds clean lines and the font. The 1st and 6th font would be the most suitable aesthetically.

Looking for the font

I searched on Dafont.com for this style of font I would like and quite soon found the one I wanted.

Now I have the font I want to start compiling the post together so that I can get the message out as soon as possible:

Adding this more simple shape with an off-white creates a good space for text to be able to be read it. I will now add the date and pick another font which compliments the title font but is smaller and in non-capitals for the explanation of what the event meet up will be

Here is the finished product. I feel as though I could definitely improve it by tweaking the fonts and alignment further, however for the sake of what it is going to be for it really doesn’t have to be perfect and I need to focus my attention elsewhere. Saying this I am still very pleased with it and think it delivers the message that there will be a photoshoot on Sunday 17th. The design of the post successfully send a message that the day will be fun and exciting, which is how I want the girls to take it.

Here is the post being used on the RWTG instagram:

As you can see the posts were just used as stories on the instagram, hence why I did go too far into analysing the alignment and fonts.

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