The human aquarium project

After the talk from Lucy where she explained her practice, I emailed her in regard to helping out. Her work is very in line with what I like to create so I think it would be great to establish a link there.

My initial email:

Screenshot 2019-02-15 at 18.57.06.pngI included my poster which I created in First year, in hope of this creating some links between us and to prove my interest in her subject matter.

Friday 8th Feb

After correspondence I went down to the space with Mai, Bronte, Liam and Devon to take some footage of the behind-the-scenes and some photos of the photoshoot:

Taken on my FUJIFILM XT2 1/125ss, f.8, ISO 500

human aquariumhuman aquarium2human aquarium3DSCF1160 copyIt was such an amazing opportunity to be able to take photographs of a set up all ready for a professional photographer. The lighting and props really opened my eyes up to how I might be able to get my messages about a environmental issues across through photography.

At this time I was also approached by Lucy who asked me if I wouldn’t mind them including my poster in the exhibition, which I agreed to due to it being a great opportunity for me to get my poster seen and for the message to get out to people

Taking photos at the exhibition

I went to the exhibition to help out and to take photos of all the work there. I tried to take pictures showing people at the space looking at the work, however unfortunately it wasn’t actually very busy at the time that I went. However I was able to get some good photos of the work and it was a very good chance for me to practice taking photos in the strange lighting conditions:

It was very dark in the space, but then each piece of work was lit up quite brightly which caused the darker areas to show up completely black if I exposed the work correctly, which made it difficult for you to see that the work was up in an exhibition space with people looking at it.

I shot the correct exposure for the lit up work, then corrected the shadows and blacks in Lightroom to show the rest of the space. This also meant that I had a lower ISO and therefore the images were less grainy than if I had shot for the overall darker image.

Due to all the different coloured lights in the exhibition I also had trouble with my light balance. I kept having to manually change it which resulted in all my photos being slightly different in tones. This is something I need to get better at either at events or in editing.

My work in the event

It is such a pleasure to have my work up in the exhibition and to have seen it there when taking these images the other day. I spoke to Lucy about it being up and she has told me about the great feedback they have had from it. She has overheard parents showing kids all the different plastic object on the poster and reading off to them what they do to animals in the oceans.

This is amazing feedback to have, knowing that the poster accommodates to adults through its traditional style and it accommodates to children due to the illustrations being so interesting to them.

Photos of Marnie’s plastic workshop

Yesterday I went to help out at a workshop held by a girl named Marnie. It was a workshop aimed at teaching children about plastic waste through getting them to make objects with plastic waste.

I went to take photos of the workshop, which was very a valuable experience for me due to the fact this was the first ever Childrens event I had photographed. I had to be very vigilant about asking for parents permission, and I told the parents that the Childrens faces would not be in the photos. I had to make sure I did this for every new guest that walked through to join the workshop. I have never had to do this before so it was great to experience this and then photograph children, which in itself felt a lot more strange than I thought it would be. I felt I had to be very sensitive and try to not disrupt the children in their workshop.

I have just edited the photos slightly to bring out the colours and bring the exposure up a bit, however when I was talking to Marnie about sending the photos to her, got the impression it was most appropriate to leave them fairly simple in editing and let her use them as she wishes.

I feel as though I successfully managed to get pictures of the children creating the plastic sculptures without getting their faces in (as Marnie requested) which was more difficult than it sounds as there were quite a few children there.

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