Street dog photography

As a part of my project, I wanted to start photographing most dogs that I meet. My plan is to start carrying a camera with me everywhere I go and asking dog owners if they wouldn’t mind me doing small shoots with them.

Isle of man – 3rd March

I have brought my Fuji XT2 to the isle of man, where I know I will be able to find lots of dogs on the beach and throughout the island, where I can start getting better at stopping to ask people if I can talk to them and get pictures of their dogs.

Through photographing dogs here I want to:

  • Get better at tracking focus (dogs on the beach).
  • Become more confident at talking to dog owners and asking if I can get some shots of their dogs
  • Use the photos to get better at editing

4th March – Beach

These images I took on the beach (now edited) show considerable improvement in focusing with my camera than I have had before at such high speeds, if you compare the images with my previous practice with preparing for the dog rescue photos.

Practicing with analogue cameras

Due to the fact I would like, if possible, to create the book with analogue images like ones which I have done before:

For this reason, I have decided to get out and conduct the same style of finding random dogs on the street to photograph, but with my analogue cameras.

15th March – Extinction Rebellion climate change protest

I took my analogue Olympus MJU ii and my digital Fuji XT2 but with an adapter to have my analogue Helios 35mm lens on it. I went to capture images of people at the protest, but I also know that there are often a lot of dogs at protests, and especially ones with people who love the world!

This taken on my analogue camera is my favourite from the day, I love the emotion I captured between the owner and the dog and the close up composition. This image would be great for the book as it encapsulates the human-dog bond.

This image unfortunately was overexposed, and I have no idea why but the edit and colour balance was completely taken out upon upload to my blog. I do however like how ‘in the moment’ this photo was, and was happy with my technical skills with it being on my analogue cam.

Dogs I met on walks using canon AE-1

I have started to take cameras with me on walks to parks where i know there will be dogs, and asking if i can take pictures of their dogs. I have been using the Canon AE-1, which has been proving quite difficult due to the manual focus and how this makes it difficult to take shots in such a short time span (don’t want to keep the owners waiting) and because the dogs ares mostly always moving.

As you can see here, some of the photos turned out well and in focus, however some aren’t quite in focus on the dog like with the dog tied up. The image of the spaniel in the woodland is one i am particularly proud of because it shows a new technical skill of mine for focusing on moving dogs:

The dog was moving around very fast so i decided to focus on a certain distance and snap the shutter quickly when i think the dog has got to that point.

some of the images are underexposed, this was a technical mistake by me which i knew about after – I have been shooting on **shutter speed priority** to make sure that i always get a sharp image and don’t have to faff around with both settings everytime the dog moves from light to shadow, however these images i accidentally put it on full manual and had a too high f. so not enough like got in

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