Professional development – website and instagram

Deciding how to set up my site and present myself:

  • My site should have different categories with my different genres of photography in them, and thus my site will not primarily be for dogs however they will just take up a section of my site
  • Therefore my dog photography name ‘edogs’ as found on my instagram, will be my alias for just my dog photos and my photography name will be ‘Erin Brier’ as it has been for my other arts.
  • I had some trouble deciding which point of view I should write from… should I try and make my site more personal by writing in first person, or go for a more corporate professional appearance with third person. After reading this article and noting how I present my other work I have decided I would like it to be in first person to try and help the readers feel they can approach me easily

After reading this article I am going to look for a theme which :

  • Shows a clear menu horizontally and categorise my photography clearly
  • I need to include a Logo:

I have added the logo that I have previously made, however it really does not suit my whole appearance due to the fact I am having the alias ‘Edogs’ simply for my dog photos. Aside from this, looking at it on my website, it is too detailed for a logo and I need to create a simpler one that also suits all of my photographic services **SEE LOGO DESIGN FOR NEW IMPROVED**


Although I have never really taken my instagram too seriously, it keep popping up as an important part of marketing and self branding so I want to start improving mine by making my posts higher quality, hash tagging more, following certain hashtags relevant to my practice.

The quality of my photos on my account has increased, and through hash tagging and following hashtags I have been able to gain more views. I set my account to a business account incase anyone wants to contact me about any pictures.

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