Presentation skills

In the workshop about presentation skills, we discussed many things such as confidence, body language, voice projection and eye contact. It was an extremely useful session which really encouraged me to think about where i can improve in presentations. I project my voice well however I tend to speak quickly and fidget around.

I plan to make a start on our presentation for next week and practice talking my lines in front of my friends to see if i can improve on these skills before we present it next week.

Our group decided to pick ‘Learning to Skateboard’ as our topic:

Slide one: Skateparks can be scary – A slide including images of skateparks being gloomy and scary. In this slide we will explain how skateparks can be a very scary place and if you want to start skating, can be off putting.

Slide two: But you can do it! – A slide of positivity, where we will discuss how you can start and what you can do to make yourself start eg. When its not very busy, Go with a friend who already skates and can help you. After the session I gave Deanne and Liam a skating lesson at Hyde park and took some pictures of them learning. This was to include in the slide:















I edited these photos in photoshop and increased the vibrancy, and saturation of the yellows which runs through each image. This creates a cheerful feeling to the images which will help go with what we will be saying about starting to skate.

Slide 3 : What you need to be able to skate – This slide we will inform the audience on what you will need to begin skating such as how to set up the board, what to try start doing first etc.

Scary skatepark images 

The next day the weather was very dull and et, meaning the park was empty and looked quite ominous. I took the opportunity to take some images of the park for our first slide:








I then edited these images by turning down the vibrancy so they looked more grey, but then increased the saturation to bring out the graffiti. It gives the pictures a scary gloomy look.

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