Practice for celebrating Leeds display

Due to David mentioning we have 2mx2m square boards to show our work, I am starting my layout ideas through photoshop on a square background. I also think I would quite like to play around with photography layouts which layer/collage photographs. This is because I would like to get quite a few images on the board, and because I have always really enjoyed these however it isn’t a skill I have acquired yet throughout my photography.

Artist research:

On Pinterest I have begun compiling a pinboard of different photographic/graphic design layouts I really like and think will work well with skating images.


Immediately I am drawn to photographic layouts like this one found on Pinterest. I love the use of the pattern to create a boarder around the image inside.. Its creates interesting layouts to use elements of the subject of the image in the other layering elements. It creates a coherent composition and vibrancy. I think if I want to add more than one person skating on each board, it would make this sort of layout more complex and harder to create coherency through the colours.






The second composition uses three different images to create one complete image. Because each different image has the same colour schemes they work together as a composition together. I will look to practice with this once I have some images to work with.


This is one of my favourite compositions so far, its a block colour added which simulates the colour of the dress on the opposite page. I really like the divide in the pages which would allow me to have more images within one page.

SK8lyt5Another composition that is very simple and effective is this image also found on Pinterest. I love ho the background is a solid colour with a lot of negative space around the actual image which is sliced into strips and layered on top of each other. I would really like to be able to play around with layering the same image over each other.








(All images found on Pinterest and on my pin

After one dry day and meeting my friend at the skatepark to practice getting some shots (the ones seen about), I started practicing my layouts:Screenshot 2019-02-06 at 16.26.02
I started by thinking about what kind of pattern or colour back ground I might want through photoshop. I then moved on to adding images.


Screenshot 2019-02-06 at 16.11.15In this composition with 4 different crops of one image, I like how the crops being in different magnifications adds intensity to the movement of the shot however I think that the crazy pattern I have drawn makes the whole thing very confusing and quite amateur.




layoutpracticeI think this image bellow looks a bit better, being more simple. I think I went too far too soon with the layout imagery, and need to practice more simple layouts to then build this up in my practice.





Using the images from my shoot at house skatepark, I practiced further with my layouts:

Screenshot 2019-02-15 at 19.47.40Screenshot 2019-02-15 at 19.48.03





I haven’t edited these photos yet, and think I might prefer them once they are lighter, however provisionally I think these are much better than my previous attempts. This is due to the layout being more simple meaning the images re much more easily read.. I still have a lot more work to do however on composition in layouts, as something still doesn’t quite fit: they still don’t look very modern and you don’t have a strong visual direction and you dont quite know what part of the image draws your eye.

I used the technique of putting one image enlarged in the background which I do really like due to it carrying a lot of the colours throughout the image while allowing it to have layers.



Having images from the photoshoot day out provided me with much better material to create some interesting layouts. The fact the images are just better quality, with better lighting means I have more to play with.

After speaking to David and showing images: He mentioned that he would want me to just send the images by themselves, allowing the judging panel to have the choice of presenting me as a photographer. But for me to also send in the graphic design layouts I want to try with, to show me as a photographer and graphic designer. So now I need to practice layouts, and consider:

  • What do I want the images to say/communicate?
  • Do I want any text to go with the images to help communicate the message?
  • What images do I pair with each other?


I want each compilation to have more images together than this and show maybe some images of the girls together to communicate the community and support we have.



This layout is way too busy and not very easy to read… the background needs to be more simple, perhaps a blown up version of a simple skateboard.

These layouts I found by ‘Between Boarders Mag’ inspired me with editing to utilise the warm colours you get from skateparks especially on a sunny day as you can see above, but they have now also made me really try understand which images should go in the background. As you can see they have used quite plain images, with not too many colour or details which allows the main images of girls skating to really come through and stand out.

Screenshot 2019-03-08 at 21.46.40.pngScreenshot 2019-03-08 at 21.46.57.pngScreenshot 2019-03-08 at 21.47.16.png

(Images from

With this in mind I want to try this out… The images I have which I think would work best with this are:

Screenshot 2019-03-08 at 22.20.23.pngScreenshot 2019-03-08 at 22.20.50.pngScreenshot 2019-03-08 at 22.21.17.pngScreenshot 2019-03-08 at 22.21.42.png

The first and last would be best due to them having more block colours in them, and in general they are much warmer pictures.

Screenshot 2019-03-08 at 22.27.01.pngScreenshot 2019-03-08 at 22.32.49.pngI think these two compositions are my strongest yet, but still need work on them. The background image works very well due to the simplicity of it, yet it still has enough action in it to contribute to the whole composition.

**I have decided to include the words ROLLING WITH THE GIRLS into the work. This is because all the images I am using have members of rolling with the girls in, and really I would love to celebrate what we do for the girl skating community in Leeds.

***FRIDAY 8th March INITIAL HAND IN*** – 

Today I handed in the images I would want to be shown if they were just presented on their own, all the edited images which could be used for the graphic composition, and my mock up designs. David liked my choice to add in ROLLING WITH THE GIRLS, and the start of the layout work but said I need to keep working on it.

He reminded me of the size of the boards we get being so big that I can definitely add more images into the composition which I now need to start working on.Screenshot 2019-03-13 at 14.48.21I thought that to create a background which more images could make more sense and come across clearer, I could use a clean and block colour background which will allow me to add multiple images whilst keeping the detail of the images I like as the background.Screenshot 2019-03-13 at 15.24.39

I turned the opacity down so you can see some of the detail before adding more images, so that you can see the images bellow more to add some more energy to the layout. I think the way I have arranged the photos here allows each one to make sense and the whole thing doesn’t look too complicated. I will email it in the David to see what he thinks.

Reply from David

Screenshot 2019-03-16 at 22.43.44.png

I do actually agree with what David has said here about it loosing some energy by not having the bigger image in the background… I am now thinking I need to readdress my previous layout which was liked the most by the judge panel and see how I can add more images to this whilst keeping it clear and readable.

Help from Ducky

I think it would be a great idea to try and get some help from Ducky, who David said was helping him with the graphic design Screenshot 2019-03-16 at 22.52.24.pngI know he is very talented at graphic design and am quite excited at how he can help me. I need to get together some examples of what I want and keep playing around with my own ideas.


In the meantime before meeting Ducky I will continue to play around with different compositions which I can then show him, trying to keep the energy which David thought I had lost in my last composition I sent to him

I feel as though I am not really getting anywhere I am very happy with in any of these compositions, and I would really like to add more images to them but each time I do, the whole composition becomes too busy and doesn’t make clear sense when viewing it.

20th March meeting with Ducky

Today Ducky went over my images with me and made some suggestions as to how I could continue with the layout:

  • Use a more simple background image so that the main focus is just on the images
  • Try layouts which has the images in columns, so for example in a 3×3 grid with no background image

I like the idea of a grid with no background image the best so will try this out:

Out of these compositions of having the text either vertically running up the side or in the bottom right corner, the vertical text makes the images come together in a more succinct way. Then, out of the text either being black text on a white background or over the image I much prefer the white text over the image.

The image I put behind the text was a close up of some graffiti on the skatepark so not only does it feel more fitting in contextual senses but the colours of the graffiti fit in with the blues seen throughout the images of the girls skating and the whole thing feels more grouped together.

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