Photography practice for BDRUK

in order to feel prepared for my shoots with BDRUK I want to increase my digital photography skills working with my new Fujifilm XT2 camera and a canon 7D from uni as most of my dog photography so far has been on analogue or with digital but done poorly

Practicing on my dogs at home:

I took these images at home on my own dogs. I am not very happy with them at all and know I really need to increase my skills before shooting for the charity as these are not up to scratch at all

I don’t know what kind of dogs I’m going to be photographing – they could be really active dogs in which case I will have to increase my skills in action shots because the ones seen here aren’t even in focus

I have also tried to get some shots of my parents with the dogs in order to practice showing dog-human interaction as the charity have requested this. I feel relatively safe in this respect and these have turned out quite well, showing the dogs and people well.

After a few days of playing around with the cameras I have now been able to take these images which are much much better than the ones I took the other day.

Especially taking note of the action shot… it is in focus this time and close up even shows some water splashes around the dogs mouth. This is considerably better than my previous action images and I feel much more ready to take photos at the client shoots.

The other images also show more character in the dogs and are in good focus on their faces, meaning I feel more prepared to show off the dogs personality for potential adopters.

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