Penguin book cover

19th feb

Mainly is going to be a graphic design element to the work, however will allow aspects of illustration and photography.

Working on types of layouts, from mostly graphic design, typography, simple illustrations, and different compositions.

They don’t even reply have to make sense when looking at the graphic design ones… some are simply visually pleasing.

Layouts and arrangements that are purposeful allow for more loose illustrative drawings

Photography – Where photographs have been taken to fit a book cover that could easily be an illustration/graphic piece. So a photography which has been taken purposefully for the cover 

Which book?

Norwegian wood

Wonder – Body image issues? Beauty within? Appearance?

The Establishment –People controlling democracy

1st task

The first task we had was topic a book and simple use typography and form to create a very simple book cover. We had to stick to just using form and composition, and not using shapes etc.

This was very useful to me, because I am not very naturally talented at typography or layout design (Graphic design)

David initially asked us to draw out some ideas, which when he saw mine noted that they were way too complicated:

After expressing how I don’t feel I have any talent in graphics/typography he made me strip the design down to the bare minimum to then build from there:

It helped me a lot by making things simpler. Things such as getting the letters etc all aligned became a much easier task as there wasn’t too many aspects to think about. This allowed me to focus and build on simple design to get a feel for what makes design look good.

After focusing on the text we moved onto using just shapes by cutting out different coloured paper, keeping it as simple as possible:

I really liked this exercise for its simplicity. Although I feel I could have made the images a lot less literal and a bit more graphicy, it was a great way of really thinking out how to send messages about what the book is visually without saying what the book is about.

The final task was to combine the two; text and image. Because I specialise in photography I used an image I found online which I think has the most visual cues of an establishment for me, then adding the text. I chose an old school serif font because I feel like this matched the old office block, giving an authoritative feel.

The whole experience was really good at making me understand fine details of typography and spacing, and alignment of images with text.

2nd bookcover workshop

David asked us to bring in our designs we have made for the competition to analyse them. Due tot he fact I am attending the workshops to help me with my idea of making a book and I am not making anything for the the competition, I didn’t have a design to bring in however I still did attend so I could witness the feedback. It was very useful to hear the analysis of each cover as it allowed me to see a more comprehensive critique of full, well designed covers and understand the fine details which make the designs complete and professional.

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