Moontown project

The moontown project is a new collective of musicians from the Music College in Leeds. Through Phoebe Hatch I have been in contact with them. They are searching to collaborate with artists who will be able to help them with their promotional media. 

5th February meeting

Will and Guy (The founders of the moon town project) came over to speak to us today and we briefly discussed what kind of work they want doing and what the moon town collective is all about.

They expressed what kind of style they like in artwork – quite wacky, eccentric and colourful.

Me and Phoebe have both agreed to help out, with Phoebe doing the graphics and me creating the images for them. 

6th feb – Guy sent through a PDF document outlining whatthey are wanting from each aspect of artwork:

Images I take will be used for:

  • social media to share the different people involved in the collective
  • Used by a collage artist to create a ‘moon town collective collage’

The style of the images they want me to take:

  • Sifi/futuristic photography – my interpretation of this is to create this kind of effect through vibrant/trippy colours. I could create this on my Fujifilm XT2 using the vibrant or chrome presets that the camera has, or can do with Lightroom after.
  • Guy sent through a message from the collage artist with descriptions of what he wants the photographer to create for him to best create the collage. I need to capture the group from as many different angles as possible for him the create this

20th February – photoshoot

Today Phoebe, Will, Guy and I travelled to a location that Guy and Will had chosen as a good place for the photos due to the vibrant graffiti on the walls. I took a 7D with a 50mm lens on which is very good for portrait photography due to its low aperture of f1.4 and I took my Fujifilm XT2 so that I could use the vibrant colour presets. We have arranged for Guy and Will to come over and go through the photos, picking out which ones they want and which they do not. I have also told them to think about how they want them edited and show me some examples and we can edit a couple whilst they are there.

Edited images:

After hearing feedback from Guy and Will on which images they want me to edit and that they are actually happy with how the images already are, all I did was correct some of the exposure settings on the images and turn down some of the vibrancy on some of the Fujifilm images where they were so vibrant and saturated that they were very clearly out of place:

The images turned out well however there were some considerable differences between the images from the 7D canon and the Fujifilm XT2 due to the different apertures of the lenses (Fujifilm only goes down to 3.5) and due to the preset I used on the Fujifilm.

Communication issues – after the shoot it became very hard to understand where they wanted me to send the over to, which images, and when. This was due to not hearing back for long periods of time, and waiting to hear back from the collage artist about what images he wanted sending over. In the future I will try and be clearer from the start about what where and when the photos should be sent over, or alternatively just send them over either way once I have decided they are finished.

Here is an example of the images being used on the moon town projects instagram after I sent the images over.

This is where my image has been used to create the collage for the moon town project. The Different angles I tried to produce clearly worked well and this image has successfully been used to create a good composition in this collage.

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