Free photography access


Photography talks – lots of interesting things about different areas of the world etc

What its like to break into photogrpahy world and what’s its like when you get ther

FORMAT photography festival in Derby

Doesn’t always have to be serious and conceptual – have some fun

We can submit phonebooks to their library

Be open minded n work differently with different people – you learn a lot from working in different ways

Exhibition idea – don’t always use places just made for art can use churches etc

In collaborations with Village, and get space for free in the Brunswick

work with Seba Curtis, Christopher Dunn, Murray Ballard, Earth & Stars, Someone that leaves film in beer cans and leaves for ages and sees how the sun moving has changed the film, Girls girls girls – goes into different cities and photographs girls – Casey orr

Miniclick and Lens think at photo north

HotHouse event Leeds – photographers to speak for 8 minutes

Alternative processes

Summer exhibition with Village and at Brunswick – will be about BS in Brexit and the upheaval etc

21st March Miniclick meeting at The Brunswick

Last night I went to a talk with mini click which was very interesting to hear from the artists who spoke.

Lucy Ridges

This lady was the first photographer to speak at the event. Her works subject wasn’t really anything i am that interested in (the naked human body) however it was very useful to hear her techniques and the experimenting she conducts in the darkroom such as using water droplets on a perspex sheet onto of the paper when enlarging a negative to create droplet shapes on the image.

She also had a very interesting view point about the context behind the work she does. She mentioned that her work actually never had an idea or meaning behind her photographing naked subjects, and the meaning came along much further down the line. It was great to hear somebody say that they just photographed something simply because they like it, not for any specific purpose or meaning. This is because I think sometimes we search for the meaning behind why we want to create artwork on something too much sometimes, which can sap some fun out of it.

Liza Dracup

Lizas talk was very very interesting to me. Her subject matter was way more in line with my interests, being about nature and animals. Her photography work it quite experimental which I really enjoyed. Her medium format photography of Sharpes wood really caught my eye, not only because it was all done on film but also because it highlights the light which can be caught on cameras by leaving them on long exposures at night when the human eye would never catch any light source! The colours are amazing, bringing a kind of magical fairytale look to the images.

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