In order to have a more professional appearance I need to create a logo for myself.

At university I drew up some sketches of potential logo ideas:

I have now begun to develop the design of the sausage dog that has edogs in the middle of of it due to it being my favourite of the lot:

This first simple layout is quite nice but I think needs more colour to really stand out as a logo:

I feel as though it is getting somewhere however the dark text looks a little outdated so I will try it with cream/off-white:

I prefer this white text, it makes the text fit in white the whole image more

I want to try the dog in different colours however this brown doesn’t really work and again looks a little outdated just like the text did when that was all dark, I think I should try using a technique of minimal colour shapes inside of the animal which I have used before:

The way the dog is in this works really well in my opinion however now with the orange background is all a little too much for a logo which is meant to be simple.

Taking away the orange works and changing the text to the same colour as the brown marks works well and the whole image comes together well this way for a more succinct logo

Using this on my instagram however really doesn’t pop out very well and looks too small. Maybe I should try and add colour to it and simplify it a bit more? and use this logo for something like my website

This is a lot more simple and in many ways less finished however I think may work much better for my instagram account

I think this works much better, it pops out from my page well and looks more professional. For now I will keep it this way and use it for my instagram, however I want to keep working on it eg the font needs a lot of work on it.


I came back to my logo design due to not being very happy with the colour. Trying black and white and slanting the image so I can make it fill the circle more works so much better and makes the logo stand out much more:

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