Font/Layout/Order decisions for sample pages

I want the layout compositions to have variety. With this I want to create a few different layouts which I can alternate from throughout the book:

Full bleed portrait on one side:

Two images within margin reflecting each other on diagonal:

Two images full bleed in the centre of the image:

One image across from text in centre within margins:

Full bleed centred image across from text:

I think this variety of page layouts will allow the readers eyes to travel around the pages and be refreshed rather than having the same boring layout through the book, which would be quite monotonous.

Throughout the layouts I used margins, columns and rows to make sure I keep each type of page adhering to the same aesthetic, which adds to the professional appearance of the book.

The mixture of full bleed to images within the margins is something I quite like. From the layout research I have done so far I really like full bleeds, however do not want them on every single photo

As this project is ongoing, the layouts and font may change as I do more research for the book


Using websites articles about what are the best fonts for books:

I have very quickly decided that I think a serif font will suit my book the best due to the documentary nature of it. Because it has research, facts and quotes, serif fonts will compliment this making it look more of a credible bit of wiring (like a science book which are usually serifs).


I do really like Caslon in its regular form, the compact form of the font makes the paragraph nice and condensed which gives it a formal look. However, the italic is too curvy, slanted and the vertical extensions of the letters are too long for my liking. It is also a bit too thick and I don’t feel I can read it well enough.

Garamond Premier Pro

The italic in Garamond is better than Calson for me due to it not being quite as dramatic, however the regular font is lacking some depth which I am looking for. For example on the capital T’s, they are smaller and have less weight to them which makes the whole body of text look a little more modern and less documentary esc.


I dont like either regular or italic in Georgia. Both have too much emphasis on the vowels, with them being too big and curved. This gives the text a bit of an immature/fun look which I do not want the text to have.

Crimson text

So far I like this font the most out of all. Both regular and italic fonts are compact which gives a nice neat condensed feel to the paragraphs. The regular has a nice weight to it whilst having nice spacing between each sentence, allowing the paragraph to breath while still being condensed. This means the text keeps a documentary style whilst sill not being too intense. The italic is also compact and although is quite curved and curly, the veritable extensions of letters aren’t to exaggerated which means the whole paragraph is easy to read yet still obviously italic therefore clearly a quote.


I really like vollkorn for the same reasons as crimson text, however I think so far I am swaying towards Crimson text over Vollkorn. This is due to the lighter weight of Crimson text which I think will compliment the images more. Vollkorn is much heavier which I think doesn’t match the softness of the dogs in the images.

I have decided to go with Crimson Text for now as I like it the most so far, however again seeing as this an ongoing process I will continue to play around with fonts to find what works best.

Order of book

First the book will be introduced by and introduction page to get the audience understanding the intentions of the book

The book will then alternate between pages of research I have found, my own stories of interactions, and interviews with people about their dogs:

after each interview section I will add pieces of research which is relevant to something said by the person in the interview. For example where Lorrie mentions how she thinks if she died one of the dogs would be one that sits on her grave I am going to add some research about Grayfriars Bobby, a dog famous for doing this.

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