Experimental darkroom workshop

Wednesday 1st may

Today I went to Vernon Street to take part in the experimental dark room workshop which I requested.

I did shoot a roll of black and white film to use however I didn’t realise it had to be developed into negatives so I had to use one of Phoebes old negatives:

Spraying and brushing developer onto paper:

  • Subject light sensitive paper to the negative underneath the enlarger
  • Spray or brush developer onto paper and wait for normal developing time (1min 30 secs)
  • Put paper into the stop chemical
  • Put paper into fix for 2 miniutes


  • Subject paper to negative under enlarger
  • Put paper into developer until you just start seeing the image show
  • Take paper out and place image side down into empty tray
  • quickly flash the paper to light source
  • put straight back into developer for normal amount of time
  • paper into stop
  • Paper into Fix for 2 minutes

(only very slight solarisation on my first try)

I then experimented with spraying and brushing the developer onto the paper and then solarising it:

I really enjoyed this workshop and would like to continue experimenting within my own time. I think next year I would love to shoot some black and white dog photos and try using the spray or brush techniques with these.

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