Conscious creatives – My entry

My entry

Due to the fact that wild flowers aren’t in bloom at the moment, apart from snowdrops, photography may be a little hard. Also due to the short time I have to create this work for the event I think doing an illustration like this but with wild flowers and fungi would be quite nice to do.

I could potentially print this on some recycled materials?:

Such as this paper –

Or this Khadi paper which I already have some of in A4, which is made out of old cotton fibres –

Inspiration for the design:

After discussing what the theme of the exhibition will be, and noting that the members will be able to participate, I immediately thought of an illustrated piece I made in first year:

transition cropped

My initial thoughts were that it would be really nice to replicate this but using wild flowers and fungi

I love the use of colours in this design, they are very vibrant which gives you a feel as though it really is a celebration of flowers.

For further inspiration I have created a board on Pinterest where I am going to save all pieces of floral illustration that I want to take inspiration from:

I really love the overlaying of plants seen in this design, I feel as though it adds more texture and depth to the piece.

This illustration again from on Pinterest is definitely more in line with my style of illustration, I really like the unity throughout the pattern. Everything matches and flows well throughout with the soft lines and complimentary colours. This has already given me some inspiration as to how I could carry out the illustration.

Contexual meaning/communication of sustainability

One idea ive had is to create the illustration using wild flowers and fungi which are endangered or close to extinction, to bring attention to the loss of species at the moment.

Using images from the websites which show all the endangered flowers I have started illustrating the flowers in illustrator:

As well as making the more detailed illustrations of the endangered species I have created more simple flower/leaf shapes which I will use in the whole patterned piece as parts which can fill in the blanks and connect the whole image together.

I want to start compiling these together to begin working with what sort of composition I want to have

This composition is my favourite so far, however I am still not very happy with it. I can’t seem to get my head around how to fill in the blank areas and I am beginning to realise that it is going to take me a very long time to get this completely right and perhaps I need to rethink whether I should continue with this idea or not as I feel it isn’t feasible for the deadline which is fast approaching.

Change of idea

When I was watching ‘Wonders of the universe’ by Brian Cox I noticed a style of naming species on the show which inspired me to change what I am creating to something completely different:

My idea is to have my illustrations of flowers laid out each with this exact way of naming the species next to them. This way I do not have to focus on composition etc and I can just focus on getting the flower illustrations finished and then lay them out together.

This is the style I mean. I want to create enough of each of these illustrations to have an A3-A2 poster filled with a few rows of these. I showed the font to Richard at uni and he helped me pick this one which I think matches the original font very well: Georgia.

Cancellation of project: With the call for submissions coming to an end so soon I have decided that the amount of illustrations I will need to complete the poster (minimum 30) I do not have enough time and I want to focus my attention onto other aspects of my learning at the moment. My contribution to the conscious creatives will now be just helping out with the exhibition and taking photographs of it.

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