Client ‘Son of Philip’ Headshots

Tom/Son of Phillip needed some headshots producing for him for his music business so I put myself forward to meet with him at his studio to do them for him.

In conversation with Tom I asked what kind of shots he wanted and he seemed a little unsure however I managed to work with him to find out what he wanted which was:

  • Some black and white shots – which I can do with some 120mm bnw film I already have
  • Some colourful ones which I can then change to bnw if needed
  • Some shots of the studio gear that showcases what he has
  • Shots of him working in the studio
  • Headshots

Because of knowing this I am going to rent a Canon 7d which I can fit a wide angle lens on for the studio gear, use my fuji XT2 with my Helios lens on for the headshots due to the flattering soft pictures this lens produces, my 35mm Minolta with colour film for the headshots due to the same reason but being able to get the analogue effect, and rent out a Mamiya 7 for the 120mm bnw film.


Tom is part of a DJ collective named ‘Wigflex’. For research into what types of headshots I should be looking to take I looked at the artists that are either on the label or have played at their events before:

(images found on

Most of the headshots I have seen are all in black and white as seen here, and where not black and white the colours are pretty minimum. I really like how the first image here has quite strong cyan/teal colours through it. The other black and white images are all pretty simple, but show a sort of ‘moody’ look having quite a lot of dark toned throughout. My plan is to edit the photos in colour, and then send Tom some through edited in black and white so he can have the choice between colour or black and white. He agreed this would be the best option.

The images from my Fujifilm XT2 after editing. I am pleased with how these turned out, with some pretty simple but sharp and effective headshots but also with some quite edgy, arty shots which Tom said he wanted. I used a plant in the studio to put infant of the lens to create some interesting shapes. The helios lens also is very sensitive to light and so I have managed to catch some pretty interesting flares.

In editing I kept a them of cyan being quite prevalent, this was because Tom like the idea of the pictures being quite dark and moody, however due to the dark colours and blacks, stuff was washed out and by adding cyan it brought out textures in the dark areas.

I took the two rolls of 120mm film to Vernon street and developed it there myself. I then scanned them in on the Hassleblad scanner in the print room then edited the gray scale balance in Lightroom. Some of the exposure and contrast was a bit too drastic which was due to the light coming into the studio through the window too sharply meaning it was very difficult to expose it correctly. This was easily treated in Lightroom however.

The images fit exactly what Tom wanted and he is very pleased with them

The Minolta 35mm camera didn’t deal too well with the lighting conditions, however this one turned out well and after some editing I think is probably my favourite photo of them all due to the dark blue tones. In this way it has really met his criteria.

One of the images has immediately been used to promote some of his music with my name and instagram credited .

Photos of studio equipment

I edited the images in a similar way, keeping the cyans quite strong. I kept the vibrance quite strong on them so that the objects ‘pop’ and seem less flat than in the unedited images. They looked quite dull and unappealing, and bearing in mind that these images are to be used to showcase the great equipment his studio has it is important that I edit them to make it look more exciting for the viewers.

You can see here the difference between the unedited and edited photo, and the vibrance which is added to the quite boring image beforehand

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