Celebrating Leeds image choice/editing/analysis/feedback

Here is a gallery of some of the unedited pictures from my shoot with the girls on Sunday…. As you can see they need touching up in Lightroom. I think the colours need to be brought out and I would quite like to practice the yellow tones and bright blue sky I have really liked in the skate images which I have seen in my research so far.

First edits:

Here is a gallery of all my first edits.


Because I am so used to editing pictures of dogs, I found this really hard to get the images right. I am not used to editing skin tones, and have found this a real difficulty and is a skill I definitely need to work on.

Revision of editing

whilst looking through the images to create the layout, I felt as though the way I had edited some was really not very good. For example these images are way to golden which I feel takes away from the sharpness and general quality of the images

I think this edit, although very drastically different to what I said I originally wanted, is incredibly better:

  • Turned the yellow highlights down on the point curve
  • increased the saturation of the blues in general
  • turned down the saturation of all yellows
  • cropped the image so she is filling more of the screen

Image choice for the exhibition

For the exhibition I need to narrow down the images I want to be included. I have loads of images however only a small handful will be able to fit on the 2mx2m board provided for the event.

These are the images I have chosen:

I chose these due to the fact that I think these images show the community the best, while also showing some good action shots. The images of the girls individually performing tricks adds movement to the collection of images, and communicates clearly that girls do skateboard. The two images showing more than one just girl shows the community. The three girls looking the same way on a skatepark gives the feel that we are all there for each other, watching each other skateboard. The image showing one girl dropping into a ramp and another helping communicates the encouraging nature of Rolling With The Girls really well, showing how we physically help each other out with scary things.

Image analysis and feedback

After showing David the images I have selected he mentioned that I need to get feedback on them from people:

  • What they think the message of the images is
  • Whether they think the girls in the images are obviously girls

I have put the images on my phone and plan to show people that I meet male around University, new people through friends and through new people at the skatepark. I don’t want to ask family or friends as I think this could potentially give me a biased answer:

I have managed to get some feedback from new students around the university who have all given promising feedback. All have said that the images clearly show girls skateboarding, ad the fact that there are multiple girls and there are images of them together it shows the community. A few people have mentioned that the images are very encouraging and make them feel like things they are too scared to do because of social norms are actually possible.

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