Celebrating Leeds briefing

David explained to us how the celebrating Leeds brief would work today, and the requirements of the work we would have to produce:

My immediate thoughts were:

  • Kirtgate market and its eco friendliness (Less plastic use/ Eco shops such as the jar tree and the eco soap shop)
  • Girl skateboarding in Leeds – the group I am affiliated with RWTG http://rwtgleeds.com
  • Animal rescue shelters in Leeds

I feel like either of these would fit the criteria well and would celebrate good parts of leeds. I would really like to talk to a tutor about this and which would suit the criteria the best.

Lucy tutorial 21st 

After my tutorial with Lucy today we both discussed how the skating photography of girls skate community in Leeds would be quite an exciting opportunity and would allow me to expand on my photography skills.

This coupled with the fact that I haven’t yet heard from any shelters means the girl skating idea had already been in the forefront of my mind for celebrating leeds

I mentioned how it may be very difficult for me to get many images of girls skating in time for the deadline due to the weather… You can’t skate when its wet!!

From here I want to establish what I want the photos to say, how they might be laid out, what kind of shots I want to get of the girls… Skating shots? Portraits on skateparks?

I need to think of a way to get the girls out skating as soon as it gets dry!!

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