Dog behaviour research – reading

in order for me to be able to create this book credible and with validity it is necessary for me to research dogs behaviour through reading books

One of the books recommended to me through one of the dog behaviourists I have been in contact with is ‘The genius of Dogs‘, which I have ordered and am now reading and annotating as I go along:

The book has been really useful so far an I am already planning on using some of the information I have read in it within my book, such as a tale of a dog who saved a boys life.

I have also started reading the book ‘The dogs mind’ book, which has been a little bit useful so far however is very science based so it will take me a bit longer to find relevant parts in the book for my book:

A book which I have been reading for a while throughout this project is a book called ‘Dog that know when their owners are coming home’

This book is really really useful for emotional information about dogs. Instead of a scientific approach like the other two books I am reading, this book has an almost spiritual approach about it. This will be really good for me to use as reference and inspiration to be able to try and convey more emotion and power into the book.

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