Interviews and shoots

Monday 8th April – Penny

I travelled to Guiseley via train to meet penny and her two dogs. I sent her this message before arriving, as i wanted to give her a heads up of the questions i want to ask her, and i will do so for the rest of my interviews. This is because i suddenly realised it might not be so easy for people to quickly answer with stories.. so for best results it will be best for me to give people a heads up:

Penny picked me up from the station and we headed to a park where i shot the dogs on three cameras:

1- Fujifilm XT2

2- Canon AE-1

3- Canon EOS 50E

Some video clips from the day

Some examples of the digital shots i got:

The digital images turned out wuite well, capturing the character of the dogs. Although the digital images are supposed to be back ups of the film images incase they turn out bad, i would actually quite like to encourporate them into the book too…… Could i have a mix of digital and analogue or would this style difference be too obvious?

Thursday 11th April – Milo

Today I went to photograph a dog called Milo. He was a very frantic dog, the garden was small, the lighting was hard but with a lot of shadows due to the garden… This meant that I felt quite limited and that I am not quite as pleased with the images I obtained from the shoot:

As you can see by these examples, the images really need working on in Lightroom to bring out the colours. In terms of being able to see his expression with him being a black dog, it is ok however could be better and more defined especially with the image on the right.

Thursday 11th April – Nelly

Straight after photographing Milo I went to photograph this little dog, Nelly. Nelly was most definitely the most energetic dog I have ever photographed and I struggled to gain many photographs that I found I was entirely happy with, the harsh low light meant it was difficult to get low and shoot her from angles I usually like to, and she moved so so quick it was hard for even the tracking focus device to keep up with her, Hopefully I can edit some to be better or hopefully some analogue images I took will be good.

Some examples of correspondence with Carol, the owner of Nelly, where I let her know the questions in advance. It was very easy to make plans with Carol to visit her house and she then just left me to it with photographing the dog.

Friday 12th April

Today I photographed two little Boarder Terriers, Ralph and Esme. This was another pretty difficult shoot but due to different reasons. This time I found it hard because all the owners were there (Mum, dad and three daughters) which made it very hard to try and work with the dogs myself. This was because each owner separately was trying to call the dogs over themselves and it made the dogs loose attention quite quickly. They also got in loads of the shots, trying to help out and put the dogs in certain positions. However! it was a good experience to have as I haven’t had many issues with dog owners getting in the way before. This was more of a spontaneous event so I could not present the questions and couldn’t ask them at the time, and I will have to send them the questions, which they said they would answer.

As you can see by the images bellow, I was also hindered by the quite boring grey floor and background. The wasn’t anywhere else do photograph them however. You can also see all the fingers and boots in the way.

13th April –

Today I had a shoot and interview with a lady and her 5 dogs. She had two labradors, two border terriers and a jack Russell. This one was also quite spontaneous so I was unable to send her the questions, however I did do an interview with her there at her house and recorded her answers with my phone microphone. I will type this up later on

What was really nice about this shoot was that she had a really lovely home with rich furnishings filled with warm colours. It was also very light in the house, which meant I could shoot in the house. I was able to shoot on the Canon A1 in the house due it its low aperture of f1.4 however the Canon EOS 50E couldn’t due to it only going down to f4. As you can see by the images bellow, again they need editing and especially for the black labs, and images where the black labs are with other dogs, I will have to individually edit the labradors in Lightroom with the brush tool as changing the exposure of the while image would make the other dogs overexposed.

Monday 15th April – Elaine with Rocky, Bumble and Meg

Today I went to a shoot with a Lady called Elaine. She had three dogs all cocker spaniels, which were lovely and very well behaved. Elaine helped me take photos by throwing the toys for them so I was able to get some good action shots. Some of them have turned out quite interesting due to the fact that Rocky and Bumble look very similar, so some images have a strange composition where it takes a few minutes for your eyes to figure out the doggy shapes

Monday 15th – Jess with Diego and Arthur

After the shoot with Elaine I went straight to do a photoshoot with a girl called Jess and her two dogs Diego and Arthur. Arthur started out being very hard to shoot because he couldn’t stop smelling all my clothes, and Diego was very timid. However towards the end of the shoot Jess helped me get Arthurs attention away from sniffing me, and I made friends with Diego. Jess didn’t have a suitable garden for them so we had to do the shoot inside. This posed as a limitation for my shoot as the room didn’t have too many interesting things to work with, and the lighting was quite low. However we decided to put them onto the sofa and managed some more interesting compositions then. I still think the images are probably the least interesting of what I have, but hopefully the analogue images will turn out a bit better.

Canon EOS 50E film development

The images from my first roll out of the Canon EOS 50E – I’m really happy with how most of these turned out, I think the wide angle lens has added some interesting angles and compositions adding character to the dogs in the shoot. Having the autofocus has allowed me to capture moments which otherwise would have been difficult. Some of the colours in particular of the last dog shown are quite contrasting, and need to be edited to make the images less intense.

Canon AE-1

These images from the canon are much softer in contrast and colour than the other. I am quite pleased with the composition of some of these and am happy with my ability to manually focus using the camera.

Gallery of all analogue images after editing

With the next sets of roll I went to get developed I ave gone straight to editing today in preparation for my book proposal I need to begin. I still found that the colours were different between the Canon AE-1 and the Canon EOS50E, however I am happy to add both to my book as I dont think the aesthetic is too different between them both and I really like images from both.

Some of these are clearly much better than others. Some of my images haven’t really worked well in terms of exposure especially in photos taken inside where they are clearly underexposed.

Editing the film images was pretty hard to edit in Lightroom due to the grain of the images. Where I want to bring the exposure up, it exposes the grain and there isn’t actually any detail of the image in underexposed areas… very different to editing digital images.

There are however many images I am really pleased with here. I now need to decide which images are my favourite and are the strongest so should go into the book.

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