Correspondence with dog behaviourists

I want to get in touch with some dog behaviourists to have some input in my book. I will send out some emails to some and see if any of them wouldn’t mind me getting some help from them….

On searching for dog behaviourists I found this site which I thought seemed promising being it has a few different behaviourists working for them it seems so I sent them an email

I have received a very quick email back from CIDBT telling me to get in touch directly with Ross McCarthy.

I also stumbled across this website, and the way she comes across seems very open which made me feel encouraged to send her a message in hope that she would help me, I sent her the same message as I sent to CIDBT but with just a few little tweaks to make sure its personal to her

Screenshot 2019-05-19 at 10.51.25

I have received a very quick response from her, with very positive feedback on my idea! which has given me some encouragement, and now feel quite excited about proceeding. I have also looked at the books she has recommended and have ordered ‘The genius of dogs’

I have responded to her email thanking her and asking her if I could get back to her with questions after I have conducted my interviews. This is because it became very clear to me when thinking about what I want to ask her now that I think I will be able to ask the most useful questions. This is because I will be able to respond to things people have told me about their dogs etc.

Due to realising that I wanted to wait a while before asking questions I have delayed emailing Ross McCarthy till now so that I am not leaving him waiting for ages before I ask him the questions I want to.

Asking the questions

I have now received this email from Ross McCarthy:

Although I had been hoping for more of a detailed and opinionated view from him, I appreciate what he has written and it has inspired me to another bit of writing in my book about the hormonal changes in dogs brains being the same as humans. The link he directed me to is really useful swell and has given me a solid research background to base my writing on.

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