BDRUK – Jane and Humphrey photoshoot

The shoot with Vee with Jane andHumphrey was a little different to the shoot with Blanca for a number of reasons:


  • I only had my fujifilm XT2 camera which is still very good quality however the lens I have is a zoom lens so the quality isn’t as good as the 50mm I can rent out with a canon from uni. This also means I was able to achieve the really shallow depth I achieved with Blanca, which I think made the images much more professional looking for this type of dog photography
  • Humphrey was a VERY hyperactive do, so it was very difficult to get really good standing shots of him
  • Jane was a VERY shy dog, to the point where she pooped herself when she saw me. This meant getting photos of her was even harder to get.
  • There was much less space to work with, and the surroundings weren’t as interesting and a little dull meaning the images were not as bright and alluring

As you can see the images aren’t quite as impressive as my first shoot. The background of the images made it hard for me to edit them as many of the tones were very similar eg the pebbles on the drive and the fence being the same tones as Humphrey. The result is the images are all a little too yellow however I do not have enough time to reedit the images before I need to send them off.

Even though Jane was so scared, I am really pleased with the images I managed to get of her. This is because of the fact she was so so scared that she even tried to bite me on the shoot. Because of this I am proud of my ability to get the images, I have never photographed a dog like this and think the images are of a good quality and follow the guidelines I was set out by the charity.

The images were also easier to edit. Due to the variety of colours in the background and from the colour of Vees jumper, I have been able to achieve rich tones in the images which give a very warm feel.

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