BDRUK correspondance

Due to the fact I have been photographing dogs for many years now, combined with my interest in helping animals, I loved the idea of volunteering to provide photography of animals at shelters.

On my research into potential careers in animal photography, I came across an article which discussed taking images of dogs at rescue shelters which made me look into this further (

Not long after this I found a call out for photographers needed at Blind Dog Rescue Uk – 2019-02-11 at 12.51.14.png

Email correspondance 

Screenshot 2019-02-11 at 13.01.33

This was my initial email out to the charity, and since then I have been in contact with them and have lined up shoots in Nottingham, Derby and Doncaster:

Requirements/Guidelines/Brief for the images

These are the requirements of BDRUK that I need to follow within the shoots:

Which Paula added onto within our email correspondence:

As you can see with the brief I am fairly restricted with what shots to take in terms of artistic style in the images. Paula has said she would leave the rest up to my creative skills which is great, however I want to keep things as close to what they have said they want. My creativity within a dog photoshoot probably wouldn’t suit as it would be very different to what I have seen on other dog adoption photos eg shooting on analogue or getting more interesting compositions


Some of the email correspondence with the client in Nottingham, where I will photograph her dogs on one of the 15th/16th/17th/18th:

Screenshot 2019-02-11 at 13.11.33


I have emailed the Derby client about my trip to Nottingham as it is only a 45 min drive away, so should be able to fit both in over that period.

Screenshot 2019-02-11 at 13.13.31

Unfortunately she wasn’t available for me to come over in this period but I have been in touch with her again to arrange a different date:

After the shoot with Blance, I sent the photos to Paula from BDRUK via wetransfer:

The response I received was fantastic, I didn’t expect to get such a positive response:

One thing I did still want to do was gain some more feedback from the team if anyone had any pointers towards my next shoot I do with them.

I didn’t gain any other feedback so I’m assuming my images were of good spec to the team and for the next shoot I will do exactly what I had done on this shoot

It was great to get the feedback that I she thought I was so proactive, which means that the work I have been doing to try stick to guidelines of how to work for clients professionally has been successful.

After my next shoot with Jane and Humphrey, I reported back to Paula noting how I thought that the shoot had been successful however was a little more difficult due to the dogs having difficult personalities to deal with:

Correspondence regarding being credited:

I am really pleased about being asked about being credited. Hopefully my name can be seen more from this. Unfortunately my website isn’t fully up and running therefore I cannot use this just yet but will do as soon as its ready.

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