Conscious Creatives – The exhibition

I told the rest of the group that I would take photos at the exhibition. Last night I took my FujiFilm XT2 with my Helios lens, I took this lens because of the style I wanted to create with the images. Because of the content of the exhibition being about nature, I wanted the images of the event to replicate this. The Helios lens I have creates very soft images that tend to have a nice glow to them, which I feel creates quite a natural feel to pictures. It also has a low aperture of 1.4 which is great for shooting through things like lights and plants to create blurry shapes which can frame images nicely and create lovely natural forms on the images.

I feel as though I managed to show how busy the event got, and although the images have quite a lot of things wrong with these images technically:

  • They are grainy
  • Many aren’t even in focus properly

I actually am quite fond of many of them. It was really fun to be able to get experimental with using the lights and plants dotted around the exhibition and I have enjoyed doing this in the setting of event photography.

I shared these images with the rest of the group on google drive so they can use them for documentation of the event:

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