BDRUK – Blanca photoshoot

Sat 16th Feb

BDRUK have asked that I take images of the dog as portraits, body shots, shots of the dog interacting with people, and if possible any of the dog interacting with other dogs. Today I went to Mushroom Farm to take some shots of a blind dog called Blanca. The photoshoot was successful and I managed to get shots of her that fit into each category requested. I have emailed Paula to say how the shoot was successful and that I will send her images to her on wed/thurs after I have edited the raws.

Editing- I think editing wise I will keep it to a minimum, I dont think the shots should be too artistic as if you look at the shots of other dogs on the website they are all relatively plain:

The dog needs to speak for itself. Due to this I think when I am back in Leeds I will simply crop, improve exposure and play around with a few of the colours but leave it at that for the client. For my own portfolio I may edit them slightly more to add my own artistic streak. Some of the unedited images from my FUJIFILM XT2:


She was a very good girl to photograph, and as you can see by the head tilt here, the squeaker worked a treat to get her attention.

blanca 2

I asked the lady if she wouldn’t mind being in some of the shots, as Paula from BDRUK requested. She didn’t mind which was great. I have now realised that I should have mentioned my interest in using the images for my own project and taken a consent form! > I will email one over to her when the time comes.blanca3 As you can see with these images, they need to be edited so that the colours of the dog stand out more, and there is generally much more brightness and excitement in the images.blanca5

blanca7This is my favourite shot from the photoshoot. I love how the colours of the dogs and the shadows work together to make an almost marbled look. The composition of the small standing dog next to the tall long legged dog is interesting and nicely balanced.


After the shoot I edited my chosen images on lightroom:

I used the Canon 7D for the portrait shots because I could use the 85mm lens on this rented out from uni. I got the lens out because of its low aperture, which is really good for shots of dogs, making the dogs stand out a lot. I was concerned out using this lens with dogs due to the focusing being harder on this lens and the added difficulty of dogs moving so much. However I think I overcame this issue and produced some quite nice portraits:


I tried to brighten the images through increasing the vibrance whilst reducing the saturation to produce a more natural look. After this I changed the hue of the green background from being quite a yellowy green to more of a blue green colour, which adds more richness and compliments the orange of the dogs fur more.

I then used my FUJI XT2 to get some more dynamic shots of her as I am much more used to using the custom settings of track focusing with this camera:


DSCF1539DSCF1540DSCF1544DSCF1552DSCF1554On reflection after uploading these online, I should have taken more of the black out of these images to bring the overall exposure up without overexposing the whites. These images compared to the ones I took on the canon are quite a lot duller. DSCF1564DSCF1557DSCF1561DSCF1563These images are slightly brighter which works well and has a nice natural appearance.

I then moved to outside the house and into the woodland area of the garden to try and make use of the strong lighting and shadows created by the tops of the trees:


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