Multiple exposure practice

One of my ideas after having the Medium Format workshop where he showed us the switch on the Mamiya which allows you to do multiple exposures. It started a thought about an idea where I use multiple exposures to show two stories – perhaps an image of a city with plastic overlayed onto of it to show how big populations of people use so much plastic.

When renting out the Mamiya 7 I practiced some double exposures after researching how to do them properly:

Screenshot 2019-01-06 at 14.22.45.png(

Screenshot 2019-01-06 at 14.31.07.png(

Doing this research helps me understand how you need to underexpose each image by 1 stop to get the correct exposure overall, to avoid over exposure. And that parts of your image which are dark will leave photosensitive parts on the film where parts of the next image can show, where’s parts of your image which are bright white will not leave any light sensitive area for the next images light to imprint and so will be blank.

I took three shots on the Mamiya 7, one was overexposed and the other two came out as such: img017.jpgThis image didn’t really work. I tried to use plastic bottles and bags laid out together for one exposure, and a portrait of caitlin for the other, however the light reflections from the plastic bags have completely over exposed the middle section meaning you cannot make out the Caitlin at all.img013.jpgThis double exposure worked slightly better, with me trying to use a branch as one exposure and my friend posing on a skatepark. You can only just make her out though, so I think underexposing the first image of the branch would be better, so that there are more dark patches for the second exposure to come through.

After this I have practiced on a digital camera at home:

DSCF0494.JPGI just wanted to practice using colours and different backgrounds. So here although the content doesn’t completely make sense, it was more to use the colours of the stones which match the colour of the dog to see what effect I would get.DSCF0331.JPGDSCF0493.JPGI quite like this shot. I took a picture of a pool then of a tap, and framed it so that the tap was inside the water of the pool adding a slight bit of humour. I can see how multiple exposures could be used to show meaning – this could be suggesting how swimming pools are an unnecessary use of water.DSCF0488.JPGDSCF0489.JPGHere I tried again to use plastic bags for one exposure, however instead of looking obviously like plastic, it has just given an interesting pink hue onto of the leaves.DSCF0330 copy.jpgHere I was practicing using people, this shot has interesting composition and I feel I could advance on this style and enjoy it. I like how the original shot shows the subject but you can see the flowers behind her.

Overall I have enjoyed doing the multiple exposures however I think its a skill I want to try and develop over time to really home in on how to use and understand them, especially with analogue cameras. Given the time frame I am working on I will finish here with multiple exposures and focus elsewhere.

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